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  • Tiedexer Straße Einbeck

Einbeck joined the Hanseatic League in 1368 and in the miediaevel times it was a cosmopolitan trading city. Around 1600, over 700 houses in the town had a permit to brew beer, which is still part of the the town's culture today. Discover over 400 colourful timber-framed buildings, including more than 120 late Gothic houses. Opposite the town hall are two other striking buildings: the Brodhaus (1552, the former bakers' guildhouse) and the Rats-Apotheke (pharmacy) (1590).

From here you cannot fail to meet the sly glance of Till Eulenspiegel, a legendary local master prankster. Standing on a fountain, the roguish figure holds the unfortunate dog 'Hopf' by the scruff of the neck, ready to throw him into the boiling brew instead of the 'hopfen' (hops). A variety of events for adults and children attracts visitors to Einbeck.

Einbeck is famous as the town of bock beer, which is still brewed and bottled today in the heart of the town.

The RadHaus museum is a must for cyclists and fans of the sport. Here you can see and discover everything about cycling.


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