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Salzhemmendorf is famous for its brine spa (the Ith-Sole-Therme) where everything is geared towards wellness and physical relaxation. Enjoy the beneficial effects of bathing in the sulphur brine. For rehabilitation, activities such as Nordic Walking and 'treatment tours' are available in the area around Salzhemmendorf.

With forests, meadows, water, hills and unspoiled scenery, Salzhemmendorf is the perfect place for both leisure and relaxation. The cultural highlight of the year is the performance at the Osterwald open-air theatre. Alternatively you can discover the fascinating world of coal-mining at a former mine, that is now turned into a visitor experience (Besucherbergwerk Osterwald). There's also plenty of adventure and excitement at Rasti-Land, a theme park for the whole family with new attractions added every year.

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