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Bückeburg has plenty to offer for adults and children alike. The castle is well worth a visit, with its Golden Room, 'portal of the gods', chapel, extensive parkland and mausoleum complete with gold cupola. Right next to the chateau is the famous Bückeburg Riding School, where there are regular equestrian performances. The city church, the town's largest with a magnificent frontage, is a striking example of the Weser Renaissance style. The half-timbered buildings add to the town's attractiveness.

At the Helicopter Museum, the only museum of its kind in Europe, over 40 original helicopters are on display. You can also see important collections of local folk costumes at the 'Museum of Schaumburg-Lippische history and for regional- and cultural studies'. The observant visitor will see 'witnesses of the past' everywhere.

When it comes to art, culture and traditions, Bückeburg also has plenty to offer: A mix of concerts, theatrical performances, leisure amenities in and around the town and exhibitions. The attractive countryside around Bückeburg is dotted with pretty villages and other interesting destinations, inviting you to linger. In addition, Bückeburg offers a wide choice of hotels and restaurants.

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