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Stadthagen is an ancient 'Residenz' and university town with lovingly restored half-timbered houses and an attractive town centre. It is situated in one of the most charming landscapes in northern Germany and has many interesting sights.

The old town of Stadthagen was built around 1222 by Count Adolf III in the forest of Dülwald near the Bückeberg hills. This marked the beginning of the old part of town we see today. With a population of 23800, Stadthagen is the centre of the 'Hagenhufendorf' villages of Schaumburg-Lippe, a type of linear medieval settlement unique to this part of northern Germany. A few kilometres to the north of Stadthagen, the Mittelland Canal flows through the fields and forests. The city of Hannover is just 40 km away, and nearby are the chateau of Bückeburg and the Helicopter Museum.

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