• Aerzen
  • Schlosshotel Muenchhausen
  • Aerzen-Domaenenburg
  • Aerzen-Rittergut
  • Domaenenburg-Aerzen

Aerzen is surrounded by the low hills of the western Weserbergland. It is the perfect place for nature-lovers, with a varied landscape offering both, challenging hikes and shorter strolls. A wide range of restaurants invite visitors to linger and enjoy some hearty home cooking. There are also comfortable hotels and holiday apartments to make your stay an enjoyable one. Situated at the intersection of two important trading routes, Aerzen was an important town in past centuries. There are still breathtaking reminders of the past, of which chateau Schwöbber, the castle of Domänenburg Aerzen and the manor of Rittergut Posteholz are just three examples.


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