Hessisch Oldendorf

  • Der Baxmann
  • Radfahren an der Weser in Hessisch Oldendorf
  • Die Schillat-Höhle: geologisch beeindruckend
  • Hess. Oldendorf- Muenchhausenhof
  • Hess. Oldendorf Stift Fischbeck

Ancient traditions, historic sites, contemporary art and unspoiled nature - the village Hessisch Oldendorf in Weserbergland has a rich and varied heritage. Hikers and cyclists can explore picturesque villages, the Weser-Cycle route and atmospheric beech forests. The area around Hessisch Oldendorf is like a microcosm of all the beauties of the Weserbergland: the River Weser, the hills, unspoiled scenery, attractive architecture and Romanesque buildings. Visitors with an interest in geology can take a trip back in time in Langenfeld, where you can visit Germany's most northerly stalactite cave - Schillat Cave. For hikers, it is also accessible via the Weserbergland-Trail. It's an amazing experience for adults and children. Baxmann is a legendary local figure in Hessisch Oldendorf. He was an innkeeper who, according to legend, rose from his grave and caused terror among the people before being banished to the Süntel massif.


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