Deep forests, lush meadows, dramatic rocks, ancient highland moors, enchanted primeval backwoods and romantic half-timbered towns where fairytale characters come to life - hiking in the Weserbergland is like a trip through time. Premium routes like the 225 km long 'Weserbergland-Path' and the 80 km circular Ith-Hils-Path offer stunning views of the valley and the uplands. The two routes have been certified as quality trails by 'Wanderbares Deutschland'.

The River Weser, that gives the region its name, is never far from sight. The numerous hiking opportunities in the region also include pilgrimages and themed routes which are perfect for a one-day or multi-day trip.

There is plenty of hiker-friendly accommodation near the routes, identified as 'quality hosts' by the seal of approval 'Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland'. To guests who are looking for an all-inclusive deal, we recommend our packaged deals that include luggage transfers and pre-booked accommodations.

When will you start your hiking adventure in Weserbergland? The trail awaits you...

Weserbergland Hiking-Trail

225 km for hikers: The new certified Weserbergland-Trail


Der Ith-Hils-Weg

Ith-Hils-Weg: 80 kilometers Roundtrip through beautiful nature

Der Ith-Hils-Weg
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