Further Hiking Trails

  • Weserbergland-Weg Bad Karslhafen
  • Weserbergland-Weg Paschenburg
  • Weserbergland-Weg Baxmannbaude
  • Weserbergland Weg Schaumburg

Hiking diversity in Weserbergland

The Weserbergland region is known for it's varity of long-distance hikes and themed routes. The 225 km Weserbergland-Trail is a premium hiking route. You can spend a week to discover the eastern region of Weserbergland, exploring the unique rocky crags or maybe you would rather check out the mysterious sites of the west and south?

Bergmannsweg - The Bergmannstrail

The Bergmannstrail will lead you into the eastern region of the Weserbergland. Between Bad Münder and Osterwald you have the opportunity to trail local history. This 21 km tour is part of a network named "experience industrial history", so you can be sure that you'll gain knowledge about the mine's history. A diversified landscape with breathtaking panorama views awaits you.

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Märchenlandweg - The Fairy-Tale Trail

At the 400 km long fairy-tale track, close to Bad Karlshaven, hikers travel through the magical Reinholdsforest. This area, with it's old and massive trees, offers a fantastic hiking trail in the south of Weserbergland. Here you will encounter ancient palasts and castle ruins, inviting timber-framed towns and characters of the Grimm Brothers' tales. Did you know that many famous tale characters call this Weserbergland area their home? For example: Sleeping Beauty (at the Sababurg), Rapunzel (at the Trendelburg), Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs (in Gieselwerder) and Puss in Boots (in Oedelsheim).

Mythenweg - The Myth Trail

With it's 5 km , the Myth Trail is probably the shortest of all hiking loops in the Weserbergland region. But this does not make it any less popular. The trail passes many mythical and historical important places. Local legends include the famous 'white maiden' who searches for her beloved when the moon is full. Also, the "Hermann-Legend", where dwarfs hoard a fabulous treasure in the hills, and the 'old Känzler' who played practical jokes on farmers and animals. It's a fascinating walk for adults and children alike.

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Weser-Bever-Höhenweg - The Weser-Bever-High Trail

One of the possible tours on the Weser-Bever-High Trail leads from Beverungen to Dalhausen and the way back through another way. The loop is 33 km long and passes by the Eisberg to the basket-manufacturing town of Dalhausen. A visit of the local manufacturer museum, is highly recommended. Hikes through the valley of Bever and the path will lead via Haarbrück, back to the Westertal (Weser valley) in Beverungen.

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Local tourist information will aslo be able to provide any further recommendations for the several hiking trails.

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