Passing by historic towers and places of cults, sea scapes, bizarre rock formations and caves, the Ith-Hils-Trail will create an exceptionell experience, even for trained hikers. The well-signposted 80 km circular route takes you close to the diverse landscape in the range of the Ith and Hils ridges. The tour leads through a beautiful, unspoiled region. The route passes by spectacular crags and natural features with panoramic views of the countryside and fascinating insights into the history of the region. From Coppenbrügge the Ith-Hils-Trail passes over the Ith hills, south-east to Holzen, a district of Eschershausen (birthplace of Wilhelm Raabe) in the Solling-Vogler region. From here, it leads east to cross the Hils to Grünenplan before turning south-east again to reach Kaierde. Beyond Kaierde the Ith-Hils-Trail curves north until it reaches Delligsen, then leads north-west to follow the Steinberg and Reuberg to Lippolds cave. The Ith-Hils-Trail continues north-east through Salzhemmendorf to Lauenstein before returning through the Ith to Coppenbrügge. The whole route can also be hiked in seven stages, each step has different highlights to offer. The eastern region of Weserbergland provides once-in-a-lifetime-experiences: the Ith-Trail combines natural monuments, cliffs with stunning view points, historical towers, museums and a UNESCO-World Heritage. Parking lots, equipped with great Information boards, from the starting Point for each and every stage. Accommodation and places to eat are available at these points as well as in the various towns and villages along the route. The Ith-Hils region also has plenty of indoor and outdoor swimming pools (including a natural adventure pool in Lauenstein), recreational lakes and the Ith-Sole-Therme spa, so you can combine hiking with relaxation and recreation all year round.

The GPS track and route details are also available in our hikers' information system, Weserbergland Navigator.

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