Fairy Tales

  • Der Rattenfaenger von Hameln
  • Dornroeschen und ihr Prinz an der Sababurg
  • bodenwerder Aschenputtel Muenchhausen
  • Szene aus dem Musical RATS
  • Rattenfaenger Freilichtspiel in Hameln

The enchanting Weserbergland is home to many famous legends and fairy tales.

In the castle of Sababurg, Sleeping Beauty fell into her 100-year sleep, while in Hamelin the Pied Piper first rid the town of rats and then enticed the children away with his music.

Bodenwerder is home of the famous Baron Münchhausen. The Baron really existed, but his stories were often 'tall tales', earning him the nickname of the 'Baron of Lies'.

The Weserbergland is also home of Cinderella. Her story, told by the Grimm Brothers revolves around the castle of Polle.

Take a magical journey of discovery as you are whisked away into a world of fairy tales and legends!

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