How to get to the Weser Uplands

How to reach the Weserbergland by car

The Weserbergland is easy to access by car via various motorways and other main roads. There are good roads between the individual towns and villages in the area. The distances between various places in the Weser Uplands are listed here:

Here you can plan your route to the Weserbergland: Plan your route with our Weserbergland Navigator

Travelling to the Weserbergland by bus or train

The Weserbergland can be reached very quickly by train from various long-distance railway stations. The website of Deutsche Bahn AG provides detailed and up-to-date information for your train journey to the Weserbergland. Local public transport links can be individually accessed using the electronic journey guide for Lower Saxony, EFA

How to reach the Weserbergland by plane

The Weserbergland is easy to get to by plane via the Hannover, Paderborn or Münster/Osnabrück airports. There is a direct high-speed rail link to Hamelin from Hannover airport. From Paderborn, you can also take a regional train straight to the Weserbergland.

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