Hiking – Explore the Weser Uplands on Foot

With its impressive Weser Renaissance buildings and romantic half-timbered villages or towns that are home to real-life fairy-tale characters nestled between deep woods, lush meadows, adventurous rocky ridges, ancient raised bogs and enchanted forests, a hike through the Weser Uplands is just like going on a journey back in time.

Hikers in the region can look forward to quality with a capital Q and are sure to be impressed by its total of six quality trails commended by the “Wanderbares Deutschland” (Germany for Hikers) campaign. The 225-kilometre-long Weserbergland-Weg (Weser Uplands Trail) takes hikers right across the region and stays true to the motto of “a genuine experience of nature at its best” around every corner. It not only leads walkers past enchanted woods and raised bogs, but also past powerful heck cattle, blue tree frogs and rare dragonflies.

The second highly commended long-distance hiking trail in the Weser Uplands is the Ith-Hils-Weg (Ith-Hils Trail), which, as its name suggests, focuses on two somewhat lesser-known ranges of hills and is a real insiders’ tip! The Weser Uplands also offers a number of quality trails for hikers who want to go on a day trip. The new short quality trails, the Drei-Burgen-Route (Three Castles Route), Weg zur Selbstzuwendung (Route of Self-Care), Das liebliche Walterbachta (The Sweet Walterbach River Valley) and Der Wichtelpfad (The Gnome Path), all invite day-hikers to come and enjoy a short journey of discovery.

The region is additionally home to a multitude of other paths and trails away from these designated quality trails. You can find a selection of themes and round trips in the brochure “Hiking – Routes, Tips and Maps”. You can also, of course, find out all you need to know in this section of the website and in the Weser Uplands Navigator!

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