Spuren der Zeit -echt erleben.

The Historical Weser Uplands - a Genuine Experience of the Traces of Time

16 historical towns and eight historical sites in the Weser Uplands have been brought together to offer visitors a fascinating world of discovery under the motto of “a genuine experience of the traces of time”. Grand castles and palaces, traditional churches and monasteries, atmospheric old town centres and stunning experiences are all awaiting you in the historical Weser Uplands. Each town offers its own exciting tour, parts of which offer barrier-free access. A flyer reliably leads visitors to all of the town’s sights and attractions. As they make their way through the town, visitors can either enjoy a relaxing stroll or stop off at one of the multitude of historical pub restaurants, where they can treat themselves to special delicacies in a traditional setting. When discovering these locations, don’t be surprised if you run into a historical figure or mythical being on the way – they’re a prime example of the fact that you can experience history up close and in person in the historical Weser Uplands!

Come and discover the exciting histories of the region’s towns and locations and meet curious characters as you explore the main attractions of the historical Weser Uplands.

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