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Follow the Cultural Routes

Enjoy culture at its best in the historical Weser Uplands! The historical region is home to a number of attractions that are exciting to look at and reflect the culture of times gone by, not only in the form of a multitude of historical buildings and towns, but also many cultural locations. The region’s cultural highlights are a positive result of the Thirty Years’ War, during which the local residents didn’t have any money to tear down old buildings and design new replacements. An abundance of cultural treasures can therefore be found right along the course of the river Weser, giving you the opportunity to admire fanned rosettes, gables designed by French-speaking Celto-Romans and bow windows. A multitude of buildings also contain sandstone material, which reflects the culture of the region and its sandstone mining activities.

Alongside its castles and palaces, the Weser Uplands also attracts visitors with a multitude of museums and old masters and a variety of art exhibitions, literature readings and concerts held in a historical setting. Many of the region’s palaces open their doors to host such events and provide visitors with an insight into their art treasures. The local museums are also well worth a visit due to their exhibitions on the histories rich in tradition and the remnants of the towns in the Weser Uplands. The colourful and unique traditional costumes that can be seen throughout the region are yet another highlight waiting to be discovered. This selection of Cultural Routes (Kulturpfade) has been prepared especially for you and looks forward to seeing you soon!

Stroll along Cultural Routes!

Enjoy a stroll along the region’s Cultural Routes and discover palaces, castles and museums together with a multitude of other cultural highlights and events.

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