Spuren der Zeit -echt erleben.

Discover Historical Towns and Sites

The 16 historical towns and eight historical sites in the Weser Uplands are characterised by their half-timbered houses and Weser Renaissance buildings, all of which are well worth a visit. As you walk through the towns, you can’t help but notice their historical flair. The region also focuses on offering visitors top-quality service with a capital S by optimally guiding them through the towns and locations that they choose to visit and providing them with an abundance of information on its historically valuable highlights. It additionally offers tours that take visitors to the most important historical sights and attractions in each of its towns. The great thing about these tours is that most of them also offer barrier-free access! As well as exploring its towns on their own initiative, visitors can additionally make the most of a number of exciting guided tours. In fact, the towns have come up with a variety of interesting options, with highlights ranging from sweet-scented tours right through to guided tours with a culinary focus. Visitors who want to go on a guided tour can therefore choose from a multitude of exciting opportunities!

Alongside its towns, the region is also home to a number of attractive palaces, churches and monasteries that are well worth a visit. These historic monuments from times gone by all have one thing in common: they are magnificent, colourful and offer hands-on history. Come and experience life as the lord or lady of the castle and enjoy a journey of discovery taking you back through many different eras! Visitors can also look forward to learning a multitude of exciting and interesting facts, for example finding out who was given a castle as a silver wedding anniversary gift and which palaces are still occupied nowadays. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to meet a real-life prince! So what are you waiting for? Come and discover our historical towns and sites in the Weser Uplands!

Discover the traces!

Follow the traces of times gone by through the region’s historical towns and locations and discover the highlights on your individual tour of your chosen destination. Witness the past on your present-day trip while you relax and enjoy the historical atmosphere.

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