Spuren der Zeit -echt erleben.

Explore the Lives of Historical Figures on the Life Lines

Come and experience a marvellous world that will enable you to step into the shoes of a multitude of famous figures from the historical Weser Uplands!

Five fairy-tale characters and many other historical figures will accompany you during your time in the region and provide you with plenty of astonishing highlights. The legendary figures will not only follow you on guided tours and walks; some of them will also present their colourful stories on the stages in the region’s towns. Find out how the children in the town of Hamelin suddenly vanished and who was responsible for their disappearance or listen to Baron von Münchhausen and his embellished versions of the marvellous tales experienced on his travels. If you’ve got any health problems, you can also make the most of top-quality care from Doctor Eisenbart, who looks forward to seeing you during his ‘consulting hours’ in the town of Hann. Münden and is sure to miraculously cure all of your aches and pains.

The Weser Uplands is not only roamed by fairy-tale characters and mythical beings, but also princes and poets, famous residents and a multitude of distinguished guests. Look forward to meeting a variety of characters on your trip to the historical Weser Uplands, where you never know who’ll be waiting around the next corner.

Find out more about the region’s historical figures on the Life Lines (Lebenslinien)!

You can also make the most of the following special presentations on the lives of the historical figures of the Weser Uplands:

  • Münchhausen Play: May - October, every first Sunday of the month at 2:00pm

  • Rat-Catcher Open-Air Play: May - September, every Sunday at 12:00pm

  • Rat-Catcher Musical “RATS”: May - September, every Wednesday at 4:30pm

  • Doctor Eisenbart’s consulting hours: May - October, every Saturday at 1:30pm

    Follow the Life Lines

    Follow the traces of times gone by and encounter legendary tales from the past told by famous historical guests and fairy-tale characters in charming presentations.

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