Spuren der Zeit -echt erleben.

Explore the Paths of Faith

The Paths of Faith (Glaubenswege) leading through the historical Weser Uplands give you the opportunity to look behind the thick walls of mausoleums, churches and monasteries and find out more about life in these religious buildings. Come and meet a multitude of people with a spiritual background as you go on your very own pilgrimage to experience astonishing highlights and discover religious traces.

One of the most impressive centrepieces of these paths is located in the town of Bückeburg. The Schlosspark gardens of the prince’s palace are home to the world’s largest privately-owned mausoleum, which was constructed by Prince Adolf between 1911 and 1915. A particularly impressive feature of this building is its 42-metre-high dome, which is decorated with millions of gold-plated enamel tiles and offers you the chance to admire 500 square metres of gold!

An even older highlight on the Paths of Faith is the heptagonal Prince’s Mausoleum at St Martin’s Church in the town of Stadthagen. The construction of this mausoleum was commissioned by Prince Ernst of Holstein-Schaumburg in as early as 1607. The building is now home to bronze sculptures and reliefs by Adriaen de Vries.

The Paths of Faith not only pay tribute to the deceased but also enable visitors to go on a pilgrimage from monastery to monastery in the historical Weser Uplands and get to know the religious traditions of its different locations.

Explore the Paths of Faith!

Go on a pilgrimage full of things to see and highlights to admire – from mausoleums through to churches and right through to monasteries, the religious Weser Uplands offer plenty of impressive buildings to explore with spiritual roots waiting to be discovered. Come and explore the Paths of Faith in the historical Weser Uplands!

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