Spuren der Zeit -echt erleben.

Go on a Connoisseur's Day Out

Go for a stroll, enjoy local delicacies and have a wonderful time – all of this is possible on your Connoisseur’s Day Out (Genießerbummel) in the historical Weser Uplands. Discover another enjoyable feature of the Weser Uplands in the form of culinary delicacies best described by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who once stated that: “No pleasure is transient, for the mark it leaves is lasting!”

After wandering through the region’s historical old town centres and exploring their shops, you can make the most of a number of historical pub restaurants offering a multitude of regional specialities. With delicacies ranging from mustard to beer and right through to “rats’ tails”, you’re bound to find a traditional speciality to suit your taste buds.

It isn’t just the regional specialities, some of which are grouped together under the regional brand “Echt!” (Real!) of the Solling-Vogler region, that attract visitors to taste some samples and spend some time in various locations, but also a number of culinary events. The town of Uslar, for example, hosts its famous town festival and huge Pekeressen feast every year. “Peker” are potatoes served with butter, salt, herring, jellied meat, sausage or raw mince.

You should therefore be sure to make time to go for a stroll, taste our regional products and take some special treats back home with you for your loved ones!

Go on a Connoisseur's Day Out!

Let your taste buds guide you through the delicious historical Weser Uplands and discover a multitude of culinary delicacies and historical pub restaurants located throughout the region!

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