Erlebeurlaubsgeschichten im Weserbergland

The Weser as a Canoeing Paradise – also Ideal for Beginners and Groups

The Weser river has been developed for use as a canoeing river from start to finish. Public jetties in many locations, each marked with the “Yellow Wave” symbol, which makes them easily identifiable from far away, all guarantee paddling fun at its very best. Nowadays, there is virtually no cargo shipping traffic on the Upper Weser, meaning that canoeists only occasionally encounter passenger ships and private motorboats. The valley of the Upper Weser is home to an impressive natural environment and around every bend in the river, you can view the magical Weser Uplands from a new perspective.

If you have your own boat, the Weser is the perfect river for a hiking and paddling tour, with a multitude of campsites and canoe stations offering accommodation along the way.

If you don’t have your own boat, want to avoid the transport or simply want to get a taste of what canoeing is all about, the canoe hire companies located along the Weser are the perfect solution for you. Several boat hire companies along the river are happy to provide canoes or dinghies on request. The Weser is also extremely easy to navigate for beginners. All canoe hire companies instruct visitors on how to sail their chosen boat before they set off, as well as informing them about the rules of the river and how to behave on the water. They not only provide boats and paddles, but also the necessary safety equipment, for example lifejackets and watertight containers for luggage.

The canoe hire companies are also happy to provide advice on which route is most suitable for which period of time and can help you to plan collection and return transfer options to take you back to your starting location. Some companies, for example, also offer a cycling trip along the Weser Cycle Route back to your starting point. You can find the addresses of the canoe hire companies along the Weser under this text.

Some of the smaller tributaries of the Weser can be paddled at certain times. Specific rules apply to when these tributaries can be accessed and these rules must be complied with at all times. Some rivers are closed off when water levels are too low or during certain seasonal periods for reasons connected to nature conservation. The canoe hire companies can also provide you with information on whether and when you can paddle on the Weser’s various tributaries. Canoeists with their own boats can request lists of the rules that apply to each tributary from organisations such as the German Canoeing Association (DKV) or the Lower Saxony State Canoeing Association (Landeskanuverband Niedersachsen). You can access the latest information on the water levels of the Weser in the waterway information system ELWIS: ELWIS

Canoe-mooring-stations in the Weser Uplands


Ufer Ort Anleger Kanuanleger Ein-Ausstieg Kanu-Rastplatz
-0,30 links Hann. Münden Altstadt/Tanzwerder   x x
1,20 links Hann. Münden Jugendherberge x    
2,20 rechts Hann. Münden Gimte   x  
11,30 rechts Hann. Münden Hemeln-Fähre   x  
12,80 rechts Hann. Münden Campingplatz Hemeln   x  
16,50 rechts Hann. Münden Glashütte, Jugendzeltplatz x    
18,70 links Hann. Münden Bursfelde   x x
22,20 links Oberweser Weißehütte x    
25,00 rechts Oberweser Oedelsheim   x  
28,00 links Oberweser Gieselwerder x    
32,20 rechts Wahlsburg Lippoldsberg, An der Fähre   x x
32,60 rechts Bodenfelde Bodenfelde   x x
35,80 rechts Bodenfelde Wahmbeck   x x
44,00 rechts Bad Karlshafen Bad Karlshafen   x x
47,10 rechts Beverungen Würgassen x    
51,50 rechts Lauenförde Yachthafen Dreiländereck x    
51,70 links Beverungen Bootshaus Beverungen   x  
53,05 rechts Lauenförde Lauenförde   x  
53,10 links Beverungen Dampferanleger   x  
57,50 links Beverungen Blankenau x    
60,20 links Beverungen Wehrden x    
62,50 rechts Fürstenberg Fürstenberg   x  
65,70 rechts Boffzen Boffzen     x
66,90 rechts Höxter Höxter Wesercamping x    
67,40 rechts Höxter Wassersport   x x
68,00 rechts Höxter Altstadt   x x
71,00 rechts Höxter Corvey x    
73,00 rechts Höxter Lüchtringen   x x
80,00 links Holzminden Campingplatz   x x
80,00 rechts Holzminden Zentrum/DJH Holzminden   x x
90,00 links Heinsen Heinsen, Fährstelle   x x
92,30 links Polle Polle Weserpromenade   x x
94,50 links Brevörde Brevörde, Alte Fährstelle   x x
97,50 rechts Bevern Reileifzen   x x
102,10 rechts Bevern Dölme   x x
104,40 links Bodenwerder Pegestorf x    
105,20 rechts Bodenwerder Rühle     x
106,00 rechts Bodenwerder Campingplatz Rühler Schweiz x    
108,80 rechts Bodenwerder Campingplatz Himmelspforte   x x
111,00 rechts Bodenwerder Ostufer, Ruderklub x    
111,60 links Bodenwerder Altstadt   x x
116,70 rechts Bodenweder Hehlen-Daspe   x  
119,90 links Emmerthal Hajen-West   x  
120,30 rechts Emmerthal Hajen-Ost     x
122,20 links Emmerthal Grohnde x    
124,10 rechts Emmerthal Latferde x    
126,60 rechts Emmerthal Hagenohsen   x  
130,30 links Emmerthal Ohrbergpark x    
134,60 rechts Hameln Promenade /direkt neben dem Marineschiff Pluto x x x
135,00 rechts Hameln Hameln, Werder     x
136,00 links Hameln Campingplatz x    
136,00 rechts Hameln Jugendherberge x    
138,20 rechts Hameln Wehrberger Warte x    
146,50 links Hessisch Oldendorf Fuhlen   x  
151,90 rechts Hessisch Oldendorf Großenwieden   x x
162,90 rechts Rinteln Kanu-Club     x
163,40 rechts Rinteln Weseranger   x  
168,70 links Porta Westfalica Eisbergen     x
174,10 rechts Porta Westfalica Veltheim x    
187,40 rechts Porta Westfalica Holtrup x    
188,00 links Bad Oeynhausen Rehme x    
192,00 links Bad Oeynhausen Dehme x    

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