Castles & Palaces – Historical Buildings Along the River Weser

Monumental Weser-Renaissance-style palaces and castles with impressive histories line the river Weser and whisk you way on a journey back in time to eras gone by. Did you know that no other location in Germany is home to such a large collection of castles, palaces and other Renaissance-style buildings?

Hämelschenburg Castle near the municipality of Emmerthal has been a popular tourist destination for many years. The impressive Weser-Renaissance-style building is located next to a café that invites guests to sit back, relax and enjoy a treat. Visitors can also admire fine horses at the Hämelschenburger Trakehner-Gestüt stud farm and hike along the Weser Uplands Trail, which runs directly alongside the castle grounds.

In the town of Bückeburg, visitors can not only explore the palace that is home to the Princely Family of Schaumburg-Lippe but should also be sure to take a look at the adjacent court riding school.

In Fürstenberg, the castle that houses the town’s famous porcelain manufactory still towers above the Weser for all to see. The white gold of the Weser is still produced at the castle in the present day and visitors can enjoy an informative tour taking them through the history of porcelain and around the Fürstenberg Porcelain Factory.

The region’s castles and palaces have always been closely linked to its myths, legends and fairy tales. The fairy tale of Cinderella, for example, takes place in the palace in Polle, where present-day visitors can experience the story for themselves by attending one of the theatre performances held on specific dates. The popular fairy-tale figure Sleeping Beauty, on the other hand, comes from the Sababurg castle in the southern Weser Uplands. The Sababurg is now home to a hotel that offers visitors the unique opportunity to spend the night in a fairy-tale castle before exploring nature with local highlights such as the Weser Uplands Trail, a zoo and the Sababurg Primeval Forest.

Castles and Palaces in the Weser Uplands


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