ErlebeUrlaubsgeschichten im Weserbergland.

On the left and right banks of the Weser, nestled in the gentle hills of Weserbergland, is the town of Hamelin. As well as Cinderella and Baron Münchhausen, Hamelin is associated with the most sinister figure on the German Fairy Tale Route - the Pied Piper. Hamelin attracts millions of day visitors every year. Tourists love the town's incomparable old town, with its Weser Renaissance and half-timbered buildings and mysterious little alleyways, not to mention the famous story of the Pied Piper. In summer, open-air plays and musicals are performed in the old town. Get thrilled by the traditional and

centuries-old glassworks in the historic Pulverturm. Three times, in the broad daylight, the Piper shows himself in form of a clock-work figure at the front of the Hochzeitshaus and in the museum of Hamelin the mechanical "Rattenfänger-Theater" presents you the legendary figure in an exciting new way.

Hamelin is the starting point for hiking trips on the Weserbergland-Trail and a popular stop on the Weser-cycle route, where cosy, comfortable hotels invite you to spend the night. A holiday Weserbergland wouldn't be complete without a river cruise with Flotte Weser in the Weser Valley. The company offers cruises that start and finish in Hamelin. From the Klüt, the hill above Hamelin on the west bank of the river, you will have spectacular views of the whole town. There is also a hotel on the Klüt. The viewpoint is accessible from various hiking routes and by car. Hamelin is the central town of the Weserbergland with direct connections by S-Bahn to Hannover and Paderborn, making it easily accessible even without a car.

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