ErlebeUrlaubsgeschichten im Weserbergland.

Weserrenaisance in het Schaumburger Land - Stadthagen

Numerous ornated restored half-timbered houses are surrounded by a medieval rampart: The old town of Stadthagen is the historical, social and cultural centre oft he city. As a residence city and founded in 1220, Stadthagen experienced in the century of 16. and 17. - the epoch of Weserrennaissance - a special heyday. Many remarkable buildings still testify this period. Walk on winding paths and see beautiful tree groups in the old castle park surrounded by a rampart. From there you have a magnificent view of the Renaissance Castle. The heptagonal Mausoleum of Prince Ernst von Holstein-Schaumburg, with its filigree marble and bronze grave, is unique in the european history of art. Embedded in one of the most appealing landscapes in north germany, Stadthagen is a central starting point for cycling tours. The Mittellandkanal flows a few kilometers to the north through forests and corridors. The capital of lower saxony, Hannover is only 40 kilometers away and can be reached by car in about 40 minutes and in just 30 minutes by train.



Points of Interest in Stadthagen


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