How to Get to the Weser Uplands – Travel Tips

Travelling to the Weser Uplands by car

Despite being located at the heart of a natural environment, the Weser Uplands is easy to access by car thanks to the nearby A2, A44 and A33 motorways and several main roads (B1, B64, B80, B83, and B217). The town of Hamelin is located:

  • 207km away from Hamburg
  • 182km away from Dortmund
  • 263km away from Cologne
  • 320km away from Frankfurt
  • 346km away from Berlin
  • 490km away from Stuttgart

You can also make the most of excellent connections between individual towns and locations within the Weser Uplands region. The table next to this text shows you the distances between towns, cities and municipalities in the Weser Uplands.


Travelling to the Weser Uplands via public transport

Various regional trains, suburban trains and buses enable you to access the Weser Uplands in no time at all from a wide variety of different stations that service long-distance trains such as those in Kassel, Göttingen, Minden, Bad Oeynhausen, Paderborn, Hildesheim or Hanover.

You can access precise and constantly updated information for your train journey in the Weser Uplands from the travel information service of the German rail company Deutsche Bahn AG online at You can also access individual details on local public transport connections, including the regional train and bus lines, by visiting the electronic timetable information service for Lower Saxony online at

Tip: Travel with the “Niedersachsen-Ticket”, a special ticket valid throughout Lower Saxony. The Niedersachsen-Ticket is not only valid in the regional transport services provided by Deutsche Bahn, but also in the buses operated within the network of the Southern Lower Saxony Transport Association (VSN). It is valid for transport in the buses operated by the local public transport companies in the Hamelin-Pyrmont district. Several locations in the Weser Uplands can also be accessed by coach. Please contact the coach companies for information on current timetables.

Travelling to the Weser Uplands by plane

If you choose to travel by plane, the Weser Uplands is easy to access from the airports in Hanover, Paderborn or Münster/Osnabrück. Visitors who fly to Hanover Airport can make the most of a direct suburban train (S-Bahn) connection to Hamelin, Emmerthal and Bad Pyrmont. You can also take the S-Bahn directly to the Weser Uplands from Paderborn, where a bus service will take you from Paderborn Airport to Paderborn Central Station.

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